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Live the legend
Live the legend
NosTale’s fantasy lands give you the chance to experience exciting adventures along with your NosMates. Swords and magic wands will help you to master these tricky missions and beat unpredictable monsters. Are you ready to let yourself be enchanted? Login / Registration

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Discover the fantasy

The ancient stories are full of angels and demons, gods and nymphs. Nowadays barely anyone on the four continents believes in these creatures. Lots of adventures are awaiting the courageous fighters, archers and magicians who wish to roam the towns and landscapes. Monsters cannot only be defeated, but also tamed as companions. Fight alone or in a group and celebrate with your friends afterwards.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum requirements:
  • Processor: Pentium3 1000 MHz
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • Graphics Card: 32MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 1000 Mb
  • System: Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
  • DirectX DirectX 9.0
  • Recommended:
  • Processor: Pentium4 1800 MHz
  • RAM: 1024 Mb
  • Graphics Card: 64MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 2000 Mb
  • System: Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
  • DirectX DirectX 9.0


Unfortunately your operating system does not meet the game requirements. This means that the game might not work on your system.

Game Download

To play the game, you have to download it first.

Run the downloaded file to install the game on your windows system.


How do I log in?

  1. Run the NosTale.exe on your desktop.
  2. Enter your registration details: User name (ID) and password (PW). (If you registered via please enter your password here)
Login Window


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