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Earn your wings
Earn your wings
The world of Atreia lies in ruins. Their land is divided, peace has become a thing of the past. Spread your wings, Daeva, and fight for the fate of your people - on the ground and in the air!

AION free-to-play - News

AION fighting against card payment fraud


Temporary limitations to newly purchased Gold Packs

Dear AION Community,

Over the last few weeks we have had to contend with rapidly increasing and highly professional card payment fraud within the game. Particularly affected by this are the Gold Packs, which were offered in game by the frauds at very low prices and then spread across the servers in this manner. Our focus is first to seek out these illegally procured Gold Packs within the game and to remove them from it before they can be put into circulation (see our previous community report). The associated fraudulent accounts will then be checked and blocked. In addition, we are continually working on methods that make it harder for people to make purchases in our shop using illegally acquired payment methods. Unfortunately the extent of the fraud is so widespread that we have been left no other choice than to take drastic steps in the meantime, whilst we work on a permanent resolution.

As is widely known, it was always our aspiration to have all content for AION (including the Gold Pack) attainable in-game. For this reason, our Gold Pack has been available for trading in the game ever since the launch of AION Free-to-Play.

Because of the current situation, we have unfortunately been forced to limit the properties of newly purchased Gold Packs in the shop. Only in this manner will we prevent further illegally gained Gold Packs from entering circulation. It is much to our regret that the enormously increased amount of fraud cases during the last few weeks has left us with no alternative, as otherwise our game world would have suffered sustained damage. This means that until further notice, all Gold Packs that are purchased from the shop will no longer be available for trading. All other properties of these item will remain unchanged. In addition, this limitation will not apply to the Gold Packs purchased prior to the adjustment.

The team working on combating the card payment fraud internally has already been strengthened and we are in close contact with NCSOFT in order to further improve our counter-measures. We hope to resolve the issue promptly and will also keep you informed as to any developments related to this matter.

Further info can be found in our forums.

The AION Team

AION: Community Report


In case you missed it: our AION Community Report May 14 is now available on the AION boards.

Have fun!

AION: Update 4.5 is live


Greetings, Daeva!

It is finally time: update 4.5 is here! Ready up for a new adventure – now on the European servers.

Here's what's new in 4.5:

The second specialisation of the Engineer offers more variety to the playable classes. Control an epic mech and teach your enemies the meaning of fear!

Honour Points:
Complete quests, defeat boss monsters and take part in fortress conquests – in doing so you'll earn valuable Honour Points and will rise up the Officers' ranks!

Instance entry system:
Goodbye cooldowns – in future each instance will be available to you for a certain amount of entries which then are regularly refilled. This way you'll enjoy more freedom and will be able to visit the instance sections with a lot more flexibility!

New instances
Eight new instances will put your battle training to the test. Reactivate the Rune's Shield Tower, free the Steel Wall Bastion and come out on top in gripping fortress conquests.

More information on update 4.5 can be found on our microsite and in the patch notes.

Veteran rewards:

In time for the release of 4.5 we have also expanded the veteran reward system: the maximum veteran level is now 60. For each activated Gold Pack you go up one level and will be rewarded for your loyalty with valuable items.

Have fun!
The AION Team

2 years of AION Free-to-Play


Greetings, Daeva!

Two years ago – on 28th February 2012 – we took on AION's European operations and switched the popular MMO to free-to-play. A lot has happened since then: the population of Atreia has taken lessons during the switch and can now speak Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish alongside English, French and German. Update 4.0 strengthened the squad of heroes with two new classes; the Artist (with "Bard" specialisation) as well as the Engineer (with "Gunner" specialisation) joined the character selection.
But there has also been plenty going on over on the Balaur side. Dragon Lord Tiamat thirsted for power, yet failed miserably thanks to you and the other brave Daeva. The successor came in the form of Lord Beritra who now has to be stopped. There's plenty more to come in the future too, Daeva...

To celebrate the last two years in style, we have prepared a few things for you. Here's a glimpse of what's to come:

Update 4.5

On 9th April 2014 we will be reaching a new milestone in the history of AION with the role out of the 4.5 update on the European servers. Included in this is the second specialisation for the Engineer, the Rider. Travel with him on a powerful mech and teach your enemies the meaning of fear!

Boost events

For the occasion of the anniversary, there's some great boosts from 26th February to 5th March 2014:

+ 50% AP
+ 50% EP
+ 50% drop chance
- 50% AP loss

In-game event

Treats for all! Between the 3rd and 7th March 2014, the Game Masters will be visiting the servers and presenting you with tasty transformation sweets. Just what will you transform into?

Additional AION Coins

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are gifting you additional Coins when topping up your premium currency in the AION shop on the 28th February 2014!

Daeva Special:
Top up between midday and midnight on 28th February and you will receive 35% more AION Coins.

Offer for new shop customers:
Top up for the first time ever between midday and midnight on 28th February and you will receive 50% more AION Coins.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity!

Have fun,
The AION Team

Two years of AION Free-to-Play stats

Statistics for Year Two - Click on the picture!

AION: The Circus of Terror


The whole of Atreia is celebrating Valentine's Day. The cities are beautifully decorated and Atreia's inhabitants are gifting their dearest with small tokens of their love.
However, there is one person who certainly isn't in a celebratory mood: fairy Ariate has been kidnapped by Rukibuki and thrown into a cage. Rukibuki hopes to use her angelic voice to lure visitors back to the circus, which has been in debt for years.
Enter the instance with up to 5 fellow players and save Ariate from slavery in the circus ring! But be careful, Rukibuki and his henchmen won't give her up without a fight...

Look for Ariate's fairy friends, they will take you to the circus immediately:

Asmodians: Arari (entrance to Pandaemonium)
Elyos: Arika (entrance to Sanctum)
Event duration: 12th of February till 5th of March 2014

As a reward you could receive some generously filled supply boxes and treasure chests, which may contain AP items, Ceranium Medallions, Mithril Medals, Manastones, Godstones, event items or the exclusive "Ariate's Merek" event pet. Keys are required to open the chests, which you can loot from opponents in the instance.

Alternatively you can purchase the Strong Treasure Chest Key in the AION Shop from Thursday (13th of February). You can also buy the Rukibuki Circus Scroll, which resets the instance's cooldown time.

Find out more about the event in the AION forum.

Have fun!
Your AION Team


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