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Earn your wings
Earn your wings
The world of Atreia lies in ruins. Their land is divided, peace has become a thing of the past. Spread your wings, Daeva, and fight for the fate of your people - on the ground and in the air!

AION free-to-play - News

AION: The New Fortress Mechanics


We are sounding the starting pistols for the new mechanics bringing more excitement to the fortress battles – exclusively to AION Free-to-Play Europe in version 4.75! Players fighting for the Anoha Fortress have already been enjoying this since the 4.71 update, but now it has been expanded to all other fortresses.

What's changing?

After conquering a fortress in a legion, it can then be defended. Shortly before the next battle however, the fortress then goes automatically over to the Balaur, so that it can be reconquered. This change now affects all fortresses – with the exception of those in Pangaea and Tiamaranta.

Why were the changes made?

The new mechanics helps to make the fortress battles more varied and exciting. Now there is a better chance of conquering a fortress and in doing so, earning the associated rewards. In the past, it was difficult to take a heavily defended fortress – in some cases the fortresses had been occupied by a legion for more than a year.

The new mechanic should help to mix up the maps a bit more and all factions as well as legions have the same chance of a successful conquest.


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