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The wings of victory
The wings of victory
Aerial warfare over planet Phillon - a fast-paced battle for territory, honour and reputation. Sophisticated strategies and daring manoeuvres are all in a day’s work for these pilots. Fight as one of them and defend your nation!

AirRivals - News

AirRivals: Summer Sale


--- \incoming transmission/ ---
--- To all nations of Phillon ---

All of you know that we had some problems with hackers last week, and an open letter was written to be more transparent about our issues. We received a lot of feedback, and we thank you for that.

As a first step after listening to the feedback we received, we decided to address your concerns regarding our premium prices, and will therefore test the following promotion:

From the 17th until the 24th of June (4 p.m. – 4p.m.), all players will receive a discount of 50% on all items in our premium shop.

Take the plunge and improve your gear!

Please check whether the discount is available in the AirRivals Shop before you make your purchase. The offer starts on the 17th of June and will finish during the day of the 24th of June.

Enjoy your shopping trip!

Your AirRivals team

--- \transmission end\...
--- [connection closed]


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