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The wings of victory
The wings of victory
Aerial warfare over planet Phillon - a fast-paced battle for territory, honour and reputation. Sophisticated strategies and daring manoeuvres are all in a day’s work for these pilots. Fight as one of them and defend your nation!

AirRivals - News

AirRivals: Craft-ebrate the arrival of spring!


Spring is here! Starting now you can celebrate by hunting the Crazy Orbituary on every map and crafting valuable items from the booty!
For two weeks you have the chance to earn Mini Stealth Cards, Hearts of Love, Final Skill Opening Cards, Mystery Capsules and Ancient Ice…

It's simple! Collect what you find in the Crazy Orbituary's debris, including Bamboo Strings, Banana Leaves, Peach and Apricot Blossom. Then combine these into Wishes Cards. In turn, with the right leaves, blossom and a little SPI, you can turn these Wishes Cards into the recipes you need to craft valuable items.

Enjoy the crafting extravaganza!

P.S. You can also buy the Wishes Card directly in the shop!


AirRivals: Server Fusion


We promised you the Server Fusion in 2014, and now we've got the first details for you. In the coming months we'll be merging the individual country servers so that we can provide you with action on packed maps!

The first test phase has started, and we are currently optimising the setup.But we can already promise you one thing: the switch to a shared server will be entirely free!

We'll keep you informed. Safe flying!

AirRivals: 30% more Credits!


Bonus: 30% more Credits!

Take your Gear to the next level! With the Credit happy hour you can now upgrade: From 16:00 on 07.03.2014 until 23:59 on 08.03.2014, you will receive a whopping 30% more Credits in the item shop!
Have fun shopping, fighting and levelling!


Bonus: 30% mehr Credits!

Bringt euren Gear aufs nächste Level! Mit der Credit-Happy-Hour könnt ihr jetzt hochrüsten: Von 16:00 Uhr am 07.03. bis 23:59 Uhr am 08.03. erhaltet ihr beim Aufladen satte 30% mehr Credits im Itemshop!
Viel Spaß beim Shoppen, Fighten und Leveln!


Bonus : 30% de crédits supplémentaires !

Faites passer votre vaisseau au niveau supérieur ! Une happy hour va vous permettre de vous équiper comme il se doit : Du 07/03/2014, 16 heures, au 08/03/2014, 24 heures, vous obtiendrez 30 % de crédits supplémentaires à l'item shop !
Équipez-vous, améliorez-vous, et en route pour l'aventure !

Bonus: 30% crediti in più!

Porta il tuo Gear al livello successivo! Con l'Happy Hour dei crediti ora potrai equipaggiarti a dovere: Dalle ore 16 del giorno 07.03.2014 e fino alle ore 24 del giorno 08.03.2014 nello Item Shop un ricco 30% di crediti in più!
Buon divertimento, buono shopping e... buon decollo!


Bonificación: ¡30% más de Créditos!

¡Llevad vuestros Gears al próximo nivel! Ahora podéis aumentar vuestro equipamiento con la hora feliz de Créditos: ¡Entre las 16 del 07/03/2014 y las 24 del 08/03/2014recibiréis un 30% más de Créditos en la Tienda de ítems!
¡Disfruta de las compras, las luchas y los niveles!


Bonus: %30daha fazla kredi!

Gear'inizi bir sonraki seviyeye yükseltin! Kredi Happy Hour'ı sayesinde hemen yükselin: 07.03.2014 tarihi saat 16 ile 08.03.2014 tarihi saat 24 arasında yükleme karşılığında Eşya Dükkanı'ndan tamı tamına %30 daha fazla Kredi alabileceksiniz!
Alışveriş, dövüş ve seviye atlamada iyi eğlenceler!


Bonus: 30% więcej Kredytów!

Przenieście Wasze geary na wyższy poziom! Dzięki Happy Hour Kredytów możecie je teraz udoskonalić: Dnia 07.03.2014 od godz. 16 do godz. 24 dnia 08.03.2014 otrzymacie przy doładowaniu waluty premium w Itemshopie całe 30% więcej Kredytów!
Życzymy przyjemnych zakupów i udanych łowów!

AirRivals: New items have landed!


A smoking hot delivery including new materials has just landed on Phillon.
Come to the item shop and equip the following items:

  • EXP Capsule
  • EXP Capsule (35 pieces)
  • EXP Capsule (10 pieces)

Have fun shopping and have a safe flight!

AirRivals: The Valentine's bouquet - 40% more Credits!


Here's another Valentine's gift: on Saturday 15th February 2014, you'll get a bonus of 40% Credits when you top up – have fun cashing in and upgrading!

AirRivals: Valentine's deals


Just for today, you can get 20% off the romantic items that are available in the shop: the Moonlight Capsule, the Picture of Love (5 Hours), the Heart and the [mark] Heart!

Have fun shopping!

AirRivals: The Valentine's event with gifts ready to collect!


We're conquering the hearts of pilots with this Valentine's event: construct weapons, effects, war points and high-level CPUs out of Chocolate for two whole weeks!

It's easy: from the 11th to 25th February you'll receive Chocolate every day when you log in. If you combine two of them together, you will gain a Valentine's Chocolate, which is a mystery box. Inside you'll find some cool items and up to 9,000 war points.

Operator Gina also has some great surprises in store – just take a look over on Facebook...

Safe flight!

New in AirRivals: the Goldie week!


Starting immediately, after every Nation leader vote there will be a Goldie Invasion: the monsters will appear on all maps for one whole week - shoot them down!

From: 04.02.2014 (3pm)
Till: 11.02.2014 (midnight)

Bonus: 20% more Credits in AirRivals!


Take your Gear to the next level! With the Credit happy hour you can now upgrade: on 31.01.2014 there will be a whopping 20% more Credits in the item shop from 14:00 till 23:59!

Have fun shopping, fighting and levelling!

Your AirRivals Team

AirRivals: Bargain week in the shop


This week you can cash in on the AirRivals Shop: from 27.01. until 31.01.2014 you will find useful items for small prices. Check it out every day and grab items with up to a 20% discount.

Happy Shopping!


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