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For the light of truth
For the light of truth
Two kingdoms - waged in a bitter war against each other. The memories of a once peaceful world are fading away. Are you ready to fight for verity and unity? Can you heal the continent’s wounds?

4Story - News

4Story.net and "Rise of Gor"


Great news for 4Story/Gates of Andaron! Gameforge, Europe’s leading provider of free-to-play online games, introduced 4Story.net, a new hub for its long-running massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Gates of Andaron, also known globally as 4Story.

Using Kalydo browser plugin technology, 4Story.net will host the browser edition of the game. 4Story.net will receive content updates in conjunction with the client-based 4Story and Gates of Andaron, including the most recent update, "Rise of Gor".

Kalydo, the technology developed by Dutch specialists Eximion, combines a browser plug-in and a scalable server platform to enable game play in the browser from any Windows-based PC.

"With more than 1.3 million registered players in the U.S. and 11 million worldwide, integration of Kalydo technology in 4Story.net allows experienced and new players of 4Story and Gates of Andaron to easily join forces and play for the first time in the browser", said [name], [title].

The new "Rise of Gor" update introduces a third warring faction, new social interactions, and a new community mentoring system. As part of the kingdom of Gor, level 80 players of the new faction can take part in large-scale PvP battles. Additionally, opposing forces can now hold negotiations for war and peace in large areas. Newbies may now begin their adventures in the town of 'Tebekut,' completely recreated with new, impressive visuals. As part of the new mentoring system, experienced players can team up with newbies to the game and offer assistance. As a reward, they will receive a payout when the new player reaches level 90.

Gameforge will continue to provide new content updates and support for the client-based Gates of Andaron and its community alongside the browser edition of the game on 4Story.net. The browser plug-in is currently only available at 4Story.net.


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