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Blood, dust and glory
Blood, dust and glory
Blood and battle! In a world in which the best warriors step out of the catacombs and out into the sun to decide their destiny. Honour and victory await you in the dust of the arena, but also the glorious stories of an ancient world. Raise your sword...

Gladiatus - News

Gladiatus Version 1.7.0


Ave Gladiators!


You all have been waiting for the v1.7.0, and your patience will soon be rewarded!

This Wednesday, the 8th of February, the v1.7.0 will be installed on the testserver in DE (s201), and we plan to update all other communities one week later on the 15th of February.


With this version not only the new ingame chat arrives in your community, but also a completely new dungeon at the Bridge in Africa! Another point to mention are the guild recipes which were adapted in price and effects, we hope you will enjoy them!


This version also includes some bugfixes, to mention one of them specifically:


We noticed with the introduction of the new dungeon that 3 existing bosses are not fighting with their full strength. Why? They don’t seem to use their special ability „Damage reflect“ as supposed.This attack should cause that the damage you are dealing is harming yourself instead of the boss. We fixed the special attack and the bosses are back to their full strength again.The concerned bosses are Papa Sasama, Zagrash and Nekromar. We hope you can still handle the challenge!


For details check out the following changelog and please pay special attention to the update hints at the end:



  • Ingame chat added – public channel, guild channel, private conversations.
  • 2 new commands added:- /gonline (shows which of your guild members are online in the chat)- /fonline (show which of your Familia members are online in the chat)
  • During backup times (8:00,16:00,0:00 German time) a maintenance page will be shown now. Playing isnt possible during the backup, this should avoid backup-related errors.


  • The effect of the special event items (e.g. Cervisia) is shown in the tooltip now.
  • The order of „level“, „price“ and „value“ is the same in all items‘ tooltips now.

Arena / CT

  • No battle reports are sent anymore for a victorious defense during the Provinciarum „30-minute-protection“. You also don‘t receive honour for those fights nor do these defenses count into the statistics / highscore.
  • Circus Turma fights are counting to the victories in the highscore now.


  • A new dungeon was added at the „Bridge“ (Africa):- Normal: Level 35 (needed level to enter: 25)- Advanced: Level 96 (needed level to enter: 86)
  • The bosses Nekromar, Papa Sasama and Zagrash didn’t use their special ability „Damage Reflect“ due to a bug, this was fixed.


The recipes for the guild library were re-balanced:

  • The effect of the "Blessing of might" was lowered.
  • The effect of the "Blessing of life" was heavily increased.
  • The gold price for the activation in the library was adapted.
  • The duration of the blessings was raised to 4 hours (1hour before).
  • The calculation of the recipes level via the average guild level was adapted.


  • The „Honor of the veterans“ isn’t dependent on the „Blessing of Venus“ anymore.

Important update hints:

 - Due to changes in some dungeons and a bugfix, all dungeons need to be resetted. This means that you will be kicked out of the dungeon with the update and need to re-enter it afterwards.

- The highscore value „victories“ will rise due to the Circus Turma fights being added. 


All the best,

Your Gladiatus Team


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