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Blood, dust and glory
Blood, dust and glory
Blood and battle! In a world in which the best warriors step out of the catacombs and out into the sun to decide their destiny. Honour and victory await you in the dust of the arena, but also the glorious stories of an ancient world. Raise your sword...

Gladiatus - News

A new adventure...


Ave Gladiators!


As soon as the version 1.5.0 will be installed on the servers, also some new dungeons will be available.

Today's news is about one of them, here is the message we got:



After several fights in the arena, all tired and in need of rest, you decide to settle down in one of the (quite humble) accommodations for gladiators. For many fighters these barracks, situated at the town border, are the only affordable place to stay, especially if you don’t count to the group of top fighters yet.


As expected, the dormitory, a gloomy low-ceilinged room with wooden rock-hard beds, is crowded with fighters of all origins and cultures. The atmosphere is tense. You sit down on a bed in the corner, when you suddenly hear a voice from the bed next to you, scarcely perceptible “Akhekhu…akheku…”.

This word doesn’t make any sense to you, but you notice the gaping wounds on the man’s back. You have heard many men talking non-sense short before their death, so you don’t wonder.


“…nor snake nor dragon…beware of Akhekhu…danger!” you hear it mumbling again. Non-sense or not, you decide to talk to the stranger, his words caught your attention.


“Stranger, what or who is this Akhekhu?! Did this Akhekhu wound you that bad?!” you ask quite curiously.


“…me and my mercenaries…only I survived. Take this drawing…” he pulls out a piece of parchment, it is not in the best condition. But you recognize something that looks a bit like a dragon…but has an almost human face…and a snake-like body. You have never seen anything like that before…


The stranger continues, “It seemed as if Akhekhu is looking for the men that are responsible for the death of Papa Sasama…whoever gets close to it, is in great danger!”


”Interesting…tell me stranger, where do I find this creature? At the Umpokta tribe?” – “Yes, the Umpokta tribe…stay away from there…or you will soon share the destiny of my mercenaries!” – “I can take care of myself stranger, don’t worry!"


You feel the desire again…the desire to find this creature, the desire to fight! Your tiredness vanished, you head to the door, towards your next great adventure…


Little is known about this creature. All we know is that its origins must be in Egypt, and the desert is told to be its natural habitat. This makes it even more surprising that it was seen in the region of the Umpokta Tribe, there must be some connection to Papa Sasama which we don’t fully understand yet.


May honour and fame be with you on your journey!



  • Name: Akhekhu
  • Origin: Egypt, Africa
  • Location: Umpokta Tribe
  • Dungeon title: Sasama’s last journey
  • Level: 102 (advanced)

Important note:

This new boss is not yet in the game, but will be introduced with the v1.5.0. It still needs another while till the update will be installed, but I will try to keep you updated on the progress.



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