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Blood, dust and glory
Blood, dust and glory
Blood and battle! In a world in which the best warriors step out of the catacombs and out into the sun to decide their destiny. Honour and victory await you in the dust of the arena, but also the glorious stories of an ancient world. Raise your sword...

Gladiatus - News

Preview on v1.8.0 - The costumes


Ave Gladiators!


The Battle at Hadrian’s Wall is over and it is about time to give you some news on an upcoming brand-new feature: the Costumes


This feature will be introduced with the version 1.8.0 and allows you to individualize your look by choosing one of the 6 soon available costumes. But it is not only about the look, each costume also offers you some special bonuses!


Here are the details about this new feature, followed by the presentation of the first costume:


What are these costumes?

The costumes are a new feature in Gladiatus that allows you to give your main and dungeon character a cool new look! Each costume consists of 5 parts, 4 normal parts and a special one, which you need to collect to complete a costume.


Why should I collect all parts of a costume?

Collecting all parts of a costume does not only complete the look, but also gives you bonuses!

Each costume has a bonus for 1, 3 and 5 collected parts.


Why should I use a costume on both of my characters? (Main and dungeon character)

Since you can use different costumes on your main and dungeon character at the same time, you are also able to combine the costume bonuses. In this way you can not only personalize your look, but also your way of playing the game!


Where will my new look be shown?

 Your new look will be visible in your profile and battle reports.


Do I need to buy new equipment / change equipment (e.g. weapon, shield,etc) to use the costumes?

No, you don’t. The costumes are independent of your existing equipment and have an extra space for adding them.


Where can I get those costumes?

This secret will not be revealed yet.


When will the costumes be available in the game?

The costumes will be included in the update to version 1.8.0. A release date for v1.8.0 is not known yet, but will be published as soon as possible.



The first costume we want to present is...

                                                                     Pluto's Deadly Breath 


Details about "Pluto's Deadly Breath"


Many myths and stories are known about the god Pluto, most of them connected to the underworld. 

This connection to the dark side is represented by this costume. Even though the look alone might already keep enemies from attacking you, check out the details below for the bonuses this costume offers!

 (Note: The above image shows the complete costume with all 5 parts collected)


5 collectable parts:

  • helmet / mask
  • chest armour
  • gloves / bracers
  • weapon
  • Special item – Map to the Underworld (adds background)

Bonus effects:

  • 1 part – Reduces the Circus Turma cooldown!
  • 3 parts – More favour points for PVP tasks!
  • 5 parts (complete) – Reduces the Arena cooldown!


Stay tuned for more infos about the upcoming costumes,

Your Gladiatus Team


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