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Blood, dust and glory
Blood, dust and glory
Blood and battle! In a world in which the best warriors step out of the catacombs and out into the sun to decide their destiny. Honour and victory await you in the dust of the arena, but also the glorious stories of an ancient world. Raise your sword...

Gladiatus - News

Testserver Update to v1.5.0


Ave Gladiators!

Today the public testserver was updated with the upcoming version 1.5.0

Apart from new dungeons, an improved fighting script, and many more changes, you get the chance to have a first glance at the new "God System"!

Additionally there are cross server fights to come, but this feature is disabled for now. But soon you will be able to attack players on other servers and proove your real strength!

Join the testserver now! -> Click here !

Here is the list of changes(subject to change):

Changelog v1.5.0

• Fixed an error in the calculation of the hit chance in dungeons, Circus Turma and expeditions.

Messages / Reports
• The Circus Turma reports are divided correctly again.
• Hit chance and double hit chance is now shown in the battle reports.

• Drop chance for orange items added for dungeon bosses with level 110 or higher.

• The training interface was changed, the new layout should provide a better overview of the attributes.

Tasks / Missions / Gods
• The menu point „Tasks“ has been renamed to “Pantheon”.
• 6 different gods have been implemented; through tasks and missions you can receive bonuses and special items from them.
• A completely new mission system was implemented. This system is used to collect favour points for the new gods.
• The task rewards now include also favour points for the new gods.
• The arena tasks have been adjusted, they should be easier to complete now.
• The task generation for dungeons was also slightly adjusted; unfortunately it will need a little while till the system generates the correct tasks for you.
• The rewards layout was slightly changed.

Arena / CT
• The “normal” arena now uses the same fight script as dungeons, expeditions and the Circus Turma do.
• The amount of rounds in arena fights was raised to 15 and doesn’t vary anymore.
• The Circus Omnipotens was removed from the game.
• The Circus turma is obligatory now. Every player that reaches level 10 automatically enters it.
• It is now possible to do arena and Circus Turma fights against gladiators from other provinces.

• The dungeon at the „Barbarian Village“ was adapted to the new system:
O Normal: Level 73
O Advanced: Level 88 (was level 100 before)
• The dungeon at the „Umpokta Tribe“ was adapted to the new system:
O Normal: Level 90 (was level 80 before)
O Advanced: Level 102
• The opponents in the advanced dungeon “Externsteine” in “the green forest” are now more challenging.

• The new missions system made some victories become useless, these have been removed.
• The amount of titles was reduced drastically in order to make titles something special again.

• The guild building „Pantheon“ was renamed to „Templum“.
• The „Templum“ can now be used to pray to a certain god to gain favour points.


We wish you luck and success on your journey through Gladiatus!
Your Gladiatus Team


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