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Sharpen your blade and mind
Sharpen your blade and mind
Let yourself be enchanted by picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes in a far eastern fantasy world. But unfortunately a shadow has been cast over this land: The influence of the Metin Stones has brought about fear, turmoil and war. Raise your sword and take charge of your destiny.

Metin2 - News

Metin2: Desert Storm Chest


Desert Storm Chest will be available in the Item Shop on Friday, 1st March from 12:00 till 00:00!

The desert is a hostile place, where the sun burns down relentlessly all day long. A place where at night the cold chills right down to the bone.Without the right equipment it is almost impossible to survive. It was for this reason that a warrior prince chose to conceal a different kind of treasure to that of jewels and gold: his desert warrior uniform.
With a sophisticated magic laid over it, the treasured contents only appear to those who have proven their venerability.

This chest contains one of the following items: Desert Warrior (M, Bonus), Desert Warrior (F,Bonus), Magic Stone, Reinforce Item, Blacksmith Handbook, Dragon Scroll, Blessing Marble, Blessing Scroll, Book of the Leader, Passage Ticket, Stone Handbook, Medal of the Dragon or Blessing of Life.

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