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Colonies of the Future
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Public test server - new noob protection


Today, we would like to inform you about our new noob protection at OGame, which will be a permanent protection for weaker user. This protection with its current settings will only be established at new universes, because it will influence the balancing of the game.

The current noob protection will be completely discarded and replaced by a permanent protection. This means shortly:

  • protection activated till 500k total points
  • permanent protection proportional 1:10 of your overall points
  • in addition you can attack the next 100 ranks within our new military highscore at any time
  • beyond this range, stronger players could not attack weaker players
  • weaker players will lose their protection for 7 days if they attack a too strong user (will be mentioned in galaxy view)
  • after 7 days of inactivity the protection gets lost (until your next login)

Military - Ranking:
Part of our new protection is our new military ranking which observes the used resources for combat ships and on a percentage basis the costs of civil ships, defense (also anti-ballistic missiles & interplanetary missiles) and also sensor phalanx and jump gates. Thereby we will have the following sections:

  • used resource points
  • destroyed resource points
  • lost resource points

The new structure of our ranking will enable to compare the real strength of all players with each other. By the inclusion of all tactical units you can't hide yourself behind e.g. just defense units and keep your real strength in secret.

Protection of ships & resources:
Also a new part of our protection system is the possibility to hide your resources and protect your ships against much too strong players within a special range. Therefor we will add 3 new buildings resource hideouts, and make it possible for inferior fleets to escape from a battle.

For every type of resources, metal, crystal and deuterium, we will offer a subterranean hideout. All of them will be able to protect a few resources from being looted. The whole process will be done on its own. With a corresponding level of your hideout a special amount of your resources will be always protected.
To avoid confusions in our espionage report the hideouts and protected resources won't be shown there. This means that you still can loot all resources which are shown in the report.
Currently you need a building lot for every level of your hideout.

Escape of fleets:
If you are under attack by an overpowering opponent your fleet will be able to escape. That means:
  • ACS attacks and holding fleets will be considered summarized
  • Defense won´t be involved into the calculation, civil ships just on a percentage basis (25%: probes & sats not at all)
  • The escape takes place on its own but consumed Deuterium (deut consumption of a flight to the next position in your system)
  • Fleets only can escape altogether. If there is not enough Deuterium available no ship will be able to escape.
  • Deathstars, Probes, Solar Satellites and holding fleets in general are not able to escape.
  • Fleet can only escape if the attacker is dishonourable (that's why not in every combat).

The automatic escape can be deactivated in the fleet menu, e.g. for moon shots. Resources won't be saved. With the help of the Admiral you will be able to change the ratio of 5:1. The other ratios are given by us, it won't be possible to choose it completely free.

These changes should protect weaker players from a total loss and keep them in the game further on. With the protection of a few resources you also should be able to grow up again despite an attack against you.

Honor points:
For all combats within special parameters you will be able to collect honour points (or lose them again). You can win them with combats against nearly equal or even stronger players and lose them with combats against much weaker players. Into this calculation we involve destroyed military ships (not civil ships) and defense units as well as moon destructions.
The honour points are related to the military ranking respectively the military points of the respective player. With the reception and loss of honor points you can own titles (emperor, bandit) and special (dis-)advantages.
Possible advantages are a lower resource protection for your opponent (so you can collect more res on an attack, 75% instead of 50%).
A possible disadvantage is the loss of your protection against stronger players.

You are welcome to test all those changes and new feature directly on our testserver: http://pioneers.ogame.org .
Just choose "Origin" and register an account! Offer all your feedback and suggestions directly within the game with the help of our "Feedback" button as part of the left menu.

Best regards
Your OGame Team


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