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Captivating adventures, magical worlds!
Captivating adventures, magical worlds!
Wizard City and the Spiral Worlds are infested with evil creatures. Become a brave wizard student and take on exciting adventures. Face evil monsters with your friends and prove yourself in exciting trading card duels!!

Wizard101 - News

Wizard101: Watch out for account thieves!


The O’Leary swindlers are amongst us and want to swipe your Wizard101 accounts! They steal your Crowns, delete your characters or just start playing with your account. In some cases we are able to give your account back to you, but it isn’t always possible! So be cautious and take the following advice to heart, so that your characters are safe:
  • Do not give anyone your login data (= your email address and your password)!
  • Do not add anyone that you do not know to your friends in Wizard101. Do not blindly trust players that are strangers and do not let them intimidate you. Events in which Wizard101 team members send out friendship requests to allow you to teleport to an event are always announced via a server message!
  • Never add anyone to your friends on Facebook, just because he or she claims to work for Wizard101. Wizard101 team members only use Facebook (if at all) for private use.

The most common tricks of the account nappers

They claim to need your login data …
  • … to level up your character onto level X! –> Even if they do that, they will only be doing it for themselves – they will just keep your account afterwards.
  • … to give you early access to the next game update! –> Not possible! Updates will be directly put onto the server and will then be available to all players.
  • … to give you Crowns! –> People who want to give you Crowns only need your username and that’s all!
  • … because you’re friends! –> Even if you are (online) friends, your friends do not need your personal data! Your account is for your eyes only.
  • … because they belong to the Wizard101 Team and want to protect your account from unauthorised access! –> You can recognise Wizard101 team members from their ‘Support’ title, their high level and their Marleybone clothing. They will never ask you for your password, your email address or any other personal information. Important: those who don’t have ‘Support’ in their title are not part of the Wizard101 team! Regardless of what this person says or threatens: they have no influence on the game and cannot delete your character or ban you account!

We need your cooperation!

If you see anything suspicious in the game that may have something to do with account theft, please take a screenshot and let our support know. Thanks!

You can find out more information in the Wizard101 forum.

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