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Captivating adventures, magical worlds!
Captivating adventures, magical worlds!
Wizard City and the Spiral Worlds are infested with evil creatures. Become a brave wizard student and take on exciting adventures. Face evil monsters with your friends and prove yourself in exciting trading card duels!!

Wizard101 - News

Wizard101: Festival of Friendship


We're celebrating the festival of friendship from 10th to 20th February 2015! At Valentina Heartsong's in the Shopping District there's lots to discover, for example, cute pets such as the Cupig and valuable wands. To help you to truly treat your loved ones we have also reduced all clothing items by 25% and hairstyles by 50% in the Crown Shop! Enchanting!

Wizard101: Happy Hour


Get Crowns on the 21 January 2015 between 0 AM and 12 AM (midnight) and grab an enchanting 25% more! That will certainly help you to shop to your heart's desire. This offer is also valid for Paysafecards, which you can buy in the high street.Watch out for the happy hour banner in the Crown purchase window! You only get the bonus when the banner is displayed!

Wizard101: Get your fish on!


Starting now there are fish to be caught in Wizard101! When your wizard has reached level 7, talk to Lucky Hookline in the Commons. The friendly Pelican has the quest "A River Runs Through It" for you, and in passing he'll teach you the Fishing 101. Afterwards you're free to cast your own lines! Most of the lakes and rivers in Wizard City, Krokotopia, MooShu and Grizzleheim contain fish which you can catch. Find out more in issue #5 of the Ravenwood Bulletin!

Wizard101: Happy Hour


It is Happy Hour time!
Till midnight, you will receive 25% more crowns in every purchase!

Happy Halloween!

Wizard101: Horror of horrors!


That spooky time of year is upon us again. Creepy scarecrows with pumpkin heads will be visiting Wizard City and sending you ghost hunting between the 20th October and the 5th November 2014!

On top of that Dworgyn has an extremely spooky quest for you. If you get bored of doing quests, pay Spooky Bob a visit in the Shopping District, or browse through the Halloween goodies in the Crown Shop. Happy Halloween!

Wizard101: Death suits you!


The Death School is celebrating their big school fête from the 8th to the 15th October 2014 - join in on the fun! You can find out all about which events we have in store for you in the Wizard101 forum.  Don't forget to browse the Crown Shop: we've got new goods on offer, just in time for the fête!


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